SABA' RESTAURANT     Traditional Yemeni Cuisine

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SABA  Falls Church location

5820 Seminary Road Unit J

Falls Church ,VA 22041

  • 7:55


Prepared by owner and chef. The featured Main courses,appetizers and salads are full of flavor utilizing many rich herbs and spices. The Yemeni cuisine is a harmonious blend of the spices . It is served in a warm cozy atmosphere surrounded by authentic Yemeni details and furnishings.

Traditional Yemeni cuisine

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يوجد مكان خاص للعائلات

مطعم سبأ للأكلات اليمنية 

Saba' Restaurant offers Arabic Yemeni  food catering for all kinds of occasions, including dinner parties, birthday parties, wedding receptions, Ramadan iftar , office parties.